Summer Camps 2017


We’re gearing up for camps this summer! We are so excited for all the opportunities coming up! Here’s all the information you need to get registered so you don’t miss out. Please follow these instructions below, then contact us with any questions you may have.

Here are the camp options we are offering through Choctaw UMC this year.

Sonshine Camp 1S2 (July 22-23)
Entering 1st-2nd grade fall 2017  //  $29.50
Growin’ In Grace Camp 1G2 (July 17-19)
Entering 3rd-5th grade fall 2017  //  $83.50
6th Grade Camp 1X1 (June 23-25)
Entering 6th grade fall 2017  //  $83.50
6th Grade Camp 1X2 (July 17-21)
Entering 6th grade fall 2017  //  $139.50

*For Sonshine Camp, a parent of the same-sex of his/her child is encouraged to attend camp as a SHEPHERD. Parents are encouraged to volunteer for Growin’ in Grace and 6th Grade Camp as ADULT LEADERS. The church will cover the cost of all adults for children’s camps.

Camp Spark 1P1 (June 26-30)
Entering 7th grade fall 2017-graduated seniors //  $130.00
CYME (July 3-7)  //  CONTACT KEITH BETHELL for this event.
Entering 9th grade fall 2017-graduated seniors

Registration is COMPLETELY online this year. The information you enter will roll over from year-to-year making registering easier over time.

  1. Have your shot record, insurance, and other specific health information handy to input.
  2. Create a new account by entering information in the “New user sign-up.” You may want to securely store your email and password chosen for future access to the registration site.
  3. Set up a family account. This information will be used later as household info for every individual in your family that you register.
  4. The system will walk you through registering individual persons (adults and youth) for camps. Fill out all forms listed for your child/youth once presented with them.

Thanks to the generosity of The United Methodist Men, the Sonny Navarre Memorial Camp Fund, and other donors, all camp fees have a 50% discount already applied above. The cost you see above is the cost you pay. If you need additional help paying for camp, please do not hesitate to ask. Scholarships are available.

  • DO NOT PAY ONLINE. Pay the church.
  • Make all checks payable to “Choctaw UMC” and in the memo line write the name of the camp for which you are paying.

Please complete all registrations and submit payments by May 7.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Keith Bethell ( or Tessa Stutzman (


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