Shooting Star Grads

Hello families!

We typically get to watch this video together at our Shooting Stars Graduation. But since that’s not an option this year, I, and my friend Tessa, got this video put together from pictures the MDO teachers and I have taken over the years. Some of these kiddos have been with since they were Inchworms or Little Monkeys and so it may seem that there are more pictures of Lila, Cooper, Lyndlee, Saylor, Sterling, Arlo, and Samuel, but it’s just because they started as wee-tiny things at MDO. We didn’t get to meet Emmie, McPherson, Jackson or Mercee until this school year and Mason just the year before, and I mourn the lost time with them! What large impacts they made in such a small amount of time.

I’ve loved all these kids so much and will miss seeing them every week! I can’t believe that we didn’t get to say goodbye. Much, much love to all!

-Ms. Rachel

Click here: Shooting Star Grads

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