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JOB PROFILE                                                          Approved for release January 6, 2022

Ministry Role:                        Director of Children’s Ministries

Status/classification:             Full-time salary/exempt

Reports to:                             Pastor

Prepared By:                          Board of Stewards Human Relations Representatives

Profile: The person who fills this position should be a person of Christian character who demonstrates the fruit of faithful discipleship in all aspects of her/his life. This person should exercise a positive attitude and a spirit of charity in her/his relationships. The person should be self-motivated and work well in a team environment.

Principle Function of Position: To design and implement a comprehensive program of Christian education and discipleship for children and their families. This position will focus on integrated programs for children (birth to 5th grade) and their parents, grandparents and/or guardians. The purpose of this program shall be to foster spiritual growth of our children, offer them opportunities for fellowship, study, worship and service, and to connect them to the life of our congregation in a meaningful way. We are not hiring someone to do ministry for us, but to help us imagine what is possible, plot a course, and give us the tools necessary to make it successful.

Regular Duties

  1. To envision a comprehensive program that will promote faith development and vital discipleship in the lives of children in our congregation.
  2. To recruit, train, resource and encourage adult volunteers to implement necessary aspects of the program to make it successful.
  3. To organize a leadership team that will help design and implement the programs.
  4. To ensure that all volunteers have complied with our Safe Sanctuaries policies which are intended to provide a safe environment for all children.
  5. To participate in worship and other leadership roles as agreed upon in consultation with the pastor.

Occasional Duties

Special events may require extra hours of coordination. The Director of Children’s Ministries should consider these requirements in planning an average of 40 hours per week service. This is a salaried position, which means that the requirements of the job take precedence over the number of hours worked. If the Director of Children’s Ministries is consistently working over 40 hours per week, she/he should consult with the pastor about the duties involved.

Education and Skills Preferred

  1. College graduate with religious and/or teaching emphasis.
  2. Experience developing and implementing programs for children.
  3. A proven track record of success.
  4. A vision for growing programs to support the growth of our church.
  5. Effective communications skills, verbal and written.


Immediate supervisor is the pastor. Accountability will be to the Board of Stewards. A liaison from the Board is assigned to this employee.

For inquiries, please contact Pastor Barry Collins.

Email: pastor@choctawumc.com

Phone: (405) 390-8151

Mailing address: 1200 N Choctaw Rd, Choctaw, OK 73020

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